About Monday's Ball

Monday’s Ball is a children’s picture book written and illustrated by Segun O. Mosuro, that tells the story of a young boy, named Monday, whose desire to get his very own ball leads him on an adventure he would never forget.

The international paperback was released on the 25th of June, 2018. A Nigerian print run has been produced and will be availabe at select Bookstores across Nigeria. Monday's Ball was published in Nigeria by Plasmoid9 Productions Limited, and is the first product released under their Plasmoid9 Kids brand.

The book is currently available in print (paperback), and as a Kindle eBook. The eBook will soon be released on other platforms like iBooks. An Audiobook will be released in mid-August, 2018. A Book App is currently in production.

The Formats


A young boy’s desire to get a football of his own leads him on an adventure he’d never forget...

Monday sat on the grass watching his friends play football. He longed to play with them, but he had been sidelined for playing terribly. Unlike his friends, Monday had no ball of his own to practice with, so he couldn’t get as good as them.

Will Monday get a ball of his own, and fulfil his dream of playing football as well as his friends?
Find out in this tale set in Lagos lagoon, Nigeria.

The Setting

Monday's Ball is set in Lagos, Nigeria. Specifically the waterfront communities in Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria. Children will enjoy seeing the canoes the community uses to travel around the lagoon, as well as their houses built on stilts above the lagoon.

What Monday's Ball is About

Monday's Ball is a book about football, and getting good at a sport.

Monday's Ball is a book about Blue Whales.

Monday's Ball is a book about fishing.

Lessons that Monday's Ball Teaches Kids

Perseverance, Kindness to Animals, Practice makes Perfect, The Value of Hardwork, Empathy.